Always marvelous paintings!


Date 10/07/2009
By Anna Emkah
Subject Congratulations Ulysses

with this beautiful site. It looks inviting and it's very interesting.
I loved looking at your art, but also at the photo's of your family and home town. I wish you all the best with your endeavours.
Your Hyves friend,

Date 10/07/2009
By MissJackyMac
Subject Flowers For You!

I wish you all the best in the world! :)
Your site looks very nice!
I hope you are doing better every day!
Love from Holland

Date 10/07/2009
By Theresia-art
Subject Beautiful

Dear Ulysses,

Congratulations with your new site. Beautiful!
I will often look to you.

greetings, love,

Theresian Art

Date 10/07/2009
By marianne roolvink
Subject great

love it

Date 10/07/2009

Wow, amazing to C all y'r artwork here :) so- I did't know that yr not ONLY paint FLOWERs & protrets .... well, so much respect more :) and yr site is just great to look at Ul, yr a real artist- I like yr FLOWER still ... the MOST hihihihi LOL :)

Date 10/07/2009
By Monique
Subject Greatttttt......

Hello Ulysses,

Your site is great !!
Very good (lots, lots, looooots of pictures :lol: ) !
Have a nice weekend.
Love and greetz, www.Monic-Art.Webs.Com

Date 10/07/2009
By Maaike
Subject Beautiful art

Congratulated Ulysses with your new site,...splendid!!!

Greetz from Maaike/Maai-Art:

Date 10/07/2009
By Sven
Subject nice site

Hi Ulysses.
site is looking good, did love your wall paintings
greetings form amsterdam

Date 10/07/2009
By peter blaauw (
Subject your new site...

Hi Ulysses,
A beautyfull site. I've enjoy the drawings special and the flood's.
(All is very good!)
Wish you a lot of inspiration and fun.

grtz from Holland, Peter

Date 10/07/2009
By Hyacint
Subject your site

Hi Ulysses,

Wow! What a great collection you have! Very impressive! I'm particularly drawn to your animal paintings and your illustrations (doing illustrations myself). What wonderful use of colour!

And great site!

Greatings and love from the Netherlands (hyves)!




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