Always marvelous paintings!


Date 12/07/2009
By Majo .
Subject Hola .

Hola qué tal .

Buénas suerté .

Majo .

Date 12/07/2009
By Ulysses Teixeira
Subject Re: Hola .

Hola Majo!
Gracias amigo!

Date 12/07/2009
By Rika
Subject My compliments.

Dear Ulysses,

Its a very beautyful your site is a joy to watch!
You are A real "Artist".
Wonderful much love with all respect.

Greetings and love Rika.

Date 11/07/2009
By inge
Subject your paintings

i love your work!

Date 11/07/2009
By samm
Subject website/paintings

hii there
wow..I"m amazed and stunned by the sheer beauty of your portraits,
they are so collorful,...I love the new website and it's great you've got some older pictures of you painting on here aswel, that's nice to see..
I hope to see manny more paintings made by you!!
best of wishes..(I'll check up on you on this website and hyves frequently to see new paintings, I'm verry much looking forward to that!)


Date 11/07/2009
By Juliette
Subject paintings

Hey Ulysses
You know how i feel about you're paintings, they are beautifull and a joy to look at.
Thanks for sharing!

Date 11/07/2009
By Sandra Jansma
Subject All respect

Dear Ulysses,

I really enjoyed going through your work. Your talent's amazing...

Much love with all respect,
Take care,

(Netherlands ''hyves'').

Date 11/07/2009
By Eef
Subject Beautiful site

Hi there!
It's wonderful, I really enjoyed going through your work. Your talent's amazing.....
I'll save the link to visit you once in a while....
Greets, Eef (EefsArt)

Date 11/07/2009
By Martin Nederhoed
Subject respect

Hi Ulysses,

What a wonderful new site you have and I respect the drawing that you do. It is so beautiful. I wish I could do that. Keep up the good work!!

Your fan.


Date 11/07/2009
By Manuela
Subject Super!

Dear Ulysses
What a wonderfull site, and what you make is Fantastic,
You are a real 'Artist'.
Thank's for sharing this awesome new site.
Manuela from The Nederlands




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