Always marvelous paintings!


Date 10/08/2009
By JOYce
Subject website

Nice site! And of course nice paintings :-)
Good luck!
x JOYce

Date 10/08/2009
By Jaap Bakker
Subject website

Hi Ulysses,

Nice website
I wich you a lot of succes with your paintings. greetings from Holland


Date 10/08/2009
By johan h. moonen
Subject webe-site

Hi Ulysses,
Congratulations for new site; there are wunderfull paintings on


Date 10/08/2009
By Maurice Kummer
Subject new site

Nice site! I like the "Flood Paintings" very much!

Date 10/08/2009
By Ellen Verbunt
Subject New website

Hi Ulysses,

Congratulations on your new website!
(I am a bit jealous)

I took a look through your paintings, they are beautiful.
Wish you lots of succes!


Date 10/08/2009
By Karin Toma
Subject Beautifull website

Hello Ulysses,

Your new website is very beautifull. It is a pleasure to look at all your paintings! Keep up the good work!

Love from Karin

Date 09/08/2009
By Simone Vije
Subject website

Hello Ulysses,

Congratulations on your new website. It's beautiful just like your drawings.
Thanks for letting me know.

Good luck,

Date 09/08/2009
By Monique Spanbroek
Subject Website...

You've got a great website Ullysus,
keep the good work, going on....

Greetzzzzz Monique from Hyve's


Date 09/08/2009
By Theresia-art

Hello Ulysses,

Your work looks very good.
Have a nice day.
With loveTheresia

Date 09/08/2009
By Yolanda Coervers
Subject website

Hi Ulysses,

Congratulations on your new website. It looks great and its a pleasure to see your great artwork.

Wishing you success
love ,Yolanda




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